Demo Dash – Meteor 350 made modern

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Demo Dash – Meteor 350 made modern

Royal Enfield have revived the Meteor model name, which harks back to the 1950’s! The design is an updated, timeless look. Released as an easy-cruiser, the tag-line ‘ride unhurried’ gives a great idea of what this machine is about. It will very well suit a cautious newbie, the vertically challenged, an ageing rider, or anyone who just wants a no-fuss, easy to handle and maintain motorcycle. 


It features a brand new chassis and engine, the latter delivering up 20hp @6100rpm with the full 27Nm of torque arriving earlier, @4000rpm. One of the most impressive accomplishments of the Meteor is the fuel economy; somewhere in the ballpark of 3L/100km. So the 15L tank could theoretically get you somewhere close to Kalbarri before you need to stop for a refill! But this is less of a long-distance cruiser, the top speed of 120km/h is stretching it, you wouldn’t want to sit at that speed for extended periods. It gets there so comfortably that you might find yourself checking for a sixth-gear. 

Around town it feels happy, leaving you content with the refinement of the new air/oil-cooled engine. It’s a lot smoother than the previous generation of Enfield single’s. It’s handling is also more direct than the cruiser style forward peg positioning alludes to. 

There are a few variants in the range, with the base offering being the Fireball, starting at just $7,690. Next step up is the Stellar, which includes a back-rest for the pillion, and finally the Supernova adds a touring windscreen into the mix. The whole range comes with an all new instrument cluster, its sheek design containing both LCD display and the traditional dancing needle style speedometer. The LCD tells you what gear you’re in, fuel gauge, tripmeter and a clock. 

For the very affordable price tag, the running-gear provided is rather impressive. One clever feature is the kill-switch and ignition switch, being incorporated in the same toggle switch. Meaning you can never accidentally leave the kill-switch on, an embarrassing but easy to make mistake. And you get a discretely located usb charging port, mounted below the handlebar at the base of the clutch. Throw in the centre-stand, and this Meteor becomes a more-and-more cheerful package! 

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