Aussies on top at French MotoGP

//Aussies on top at French MotoGP

Aussies on top at French MotoGP

Le Mans sees Aussie’s and the French celebrating.  


Jack Miller has made it back-to-back victories, the first time since 2012 that an Aussie has achieved such a result in the premier class. Casey Stoner was the last, for those taking names. There was pandemonium in the pits as everyone rushed to switch onto their wet bikes on the same lap due to the rains arriving with force. The front group comprising of Quartararo, Miller, Rins and Marquez, was pushing incredibly hard as the track became increasingly sodden and gapped the rest of the field by more than 10-seconds. An impressive bike transition from 8-time world champion Marc Marquez showing, in just his 3rd race back from significant injury, that he is still capable of leading races. Marquez’s 2nd crash took him out of the race, however, he was producing the fastest times of the field after having his first, (and losing some of his aero in the process, not that aero mattered for much in these conditions) reveals his hunger is still strong and his body still able. 

Jack Miller overrides anti-wheelie control to celebrate the victory 


With rain and intense winds causing consistency to be a challenge from lap-to-lap, or even corner-to-corner. Hence there were 117 crashes over the weekend. 

“I don’t feel physically exhausted,” said Miller after the race. “But I think I speak for all the riders when I say you feel mentally exhausted because the mental focus it takes and the feeling, just to try and predict what weather or what conditions you’re going to have when you arrive at the next corner has been the hardest thing, so this race was more mentally draining than physically.”


Miller claimed victory after going off track, and being stung with 2 long-lap penalties for speeding in the pits, quite an incredible achievement. It shows a level of composure and experience that Aussies have been longing to see him display. Zarco managed a strong 2nd, and fellow countryman Quartararo rounded out the podium. 

Marquez showing form ahead of Rins (who shortly after slid out) and Quartararo


Remy Gardner has taken the lead in the Moto 2 championship points. It’s not since 1969 that an Aussie has won the class, when Kel Carruthers was riding for Benelli.

I’m not a biased reporter. But also, viva Australia.


From Moto 3, 16-yr old wizard Pedro Acosta, managed to make 8th place become an amazing result. Starting from 21st, he’d worked his way up to 5th position before having one of the least impactful crashes ever, where he lost just 10 seconds on the lap rejoining the field in 21st ironically. Then still coming in at 8th!? I didn’t get the chance to watch this, but if it was anything like his record-breaking first 4 races of his GP career, then it was utterly breath-taking. He’s already smashed records set by the greats. It’s extremely early days in the career of a dangerous, sometimes cruel sport; but how can you not assume a phenomenal career. I can’t wait to watch his crazy levels of understanding and trust in the tyres progress even further; he pulls off magic! 


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