Royal Enfield Conti GT-Turbo

//Royal Enfield Conti GT-Turbo

Royal Enfield Conti GT-Turbo

Introducing the Royal Enfield Continental GT-Turbo by MotoMAX.

At MotoMAX we have built more than our share of custom bikes, for this build we didn’t want to do the standard cafe racer, we wanted to push the limit, to build a bike that stirs the senses from very angle.

The Conti GT-Turbo is a machine!! What a bike to ride! Definitely not for traditionalists! The rush as the big single thumps spinning the turbo into life is like nothing else.

Running a conservative 7psi the GT-Turbo is producing a very credible and reliable 42hp at the rear wheel that’s up 40%. Most notably we have nearly doubled the torque from stock! That’s impressive!

The strip back brushed tins have been satin cleared and married with beautiful Italian leather. The classic brass badges gives the GT-Turbo a very clean, classy and roar look. A real head turner!

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The question every is going to ask, is it for sale? SURE IS! Contact us at MotoMAX in Osborne Park today at and register your interest.

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